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Re: Basic Mission 3

Post by Tango6 on Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:50 pm
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Can someone PM me please I think I have found the password and it doesn't seem to be working I would like to talk to see where I am going wrong.
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Re: Basic Mission 3

Post by spiderlegs on Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:24 pm
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I have been staring at the answer for over an hour and couldn't work out how to "get" it. lol, simple when you know how.
Thanks guys :D
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Re: Basic Mission 3

Post by D-Dub2-3 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 5:30 pm
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Ok so i saw this and im thinking it has something to do with why the passcode might missing. i cant seem to figure this out though. im looking through the source codes and nothing is jumping out at me. plus its allot of reading lol. im trying my hardest to figure this out. Any suggestions on what i might be doing wrong or might need to work on?

invalidEnum: 'Value must be one of: [*].',
propertyRequired: 'Property is required.',
unexpectedProperty: 'Unexpected property.',
arrayMinItems: 'Array must have at least * items.',
arrayMaxItems: 'Array must not have more than * items.',
itemRequired: 'Item is required.',
stringMinLength: 'String must be at least * characters long.',
stringMaxLength: 'String must not be more than * characters long.',
stringPattern: 'String must match the pattern: *.',
numberFiniteNotNan: 'Value must not be *.',
numberMinValue: 'Value must not be less than *.',
numberMaxValue: 'Value must not be greater than *.',
numberIntValue: 'Value must fit in a 32-bit signed integer.',
numberMaxDecimal: 'Value must not have more than * decimal places.',
invalidType: "Expected '*' but got '*'.",
"Expected 'integer' but got 'number', consider using Math.round().",
invalidChoice: 'Value does not match any valid type choices.',
invalidPropertyType: 'Missing property type.',
schemaRequired: 'Schema value required.',
unknownSchemaReference: 'Unknown schema reference: *.',
notInstance: 'Object must be an instance of *.',
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