User opinion about CryptoPaste

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User opinion about CryptoPaste

Post by hashes on Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:34 pm
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There might actually be a post on the forum about CryptoPaste, but I am not seeing it for the moment. Anyway, there are plenty of places on the forum that asks for member involvement. Therefore I am involving myself. I am not a savvy GitHub user and couldn't quite find a place to post an opinion there. But I have some things I would like to say.

First of all, CryptoPaste looks clean and nice. Great design. That said, here are some things that I want to express. This is after looking at CryptoPaste as of March 15, 2019. And I know that some of this probably has already been discussed between the developers.

1) If I am about to send something, f. ex, uploaded something, created a password etc, and notice the icon for Hack This Site at the top, I might want to click that to see who is behind the project. That actually brings me to the website Hack This Site. Personally, I would like that to open in its own window, and not replace the window I am working in.

2) About the CAPTCHA. If I have problems reading the text, there is an icon for sound that pronounces the letters and numbers. But the first letter that is pronounced, comes so fast after clicking the button, that I feel I am not catching what is says. It's like the voice is in the middle of the first letter when I click the button. Is there a way to have a half second delay before you hear the first letter. I am guessing you are listening to the CAPTCHA being pronounced because one has difficulty reading what it says.

3) FAQ, How secure is my content. I am guessing the word "precuation" should be "precaution"?

4) FAQ, How secure is my content. The last sentence "...reasonable length can go…". Shouldn't that be "...reasonable length and can go ...". You can't see the error here, but if you read the whole sentence?

5) What else can I share. Here I might be way off in my English. But the last sentence, "...We of course ask you use this freedom responsibly. ;)..." Should it be "...We of course ask you to use this freedom responsibly. ;) ?

6) Also concerning number 5. Yes, I might understand the smiley after the sentence, because CryptoPaste belongs to Hack This Site and possible scripts etc. being pasted. But there are certain things that should never ever be on the internet and should certainly should not have a smiley behind it.

7) At the bottom of the page it states, "The owner of this site and the CryptoPaste project cannot be held liable or responsible for user-submitted content." I am no expert in the law, but for this to be correct, doesn't there need to be some kind of "Terms of use"? Or is that part all concatenated in the "smiley"?

I might be way off on some of these things. And my sentence structure isn't what it used to be, so I might be wrong. But this is what I would call my user involvement / opinion as a member of Hack This Site. I could probably have opened an issue in GitHub, but I am not making an extra GitHub account for that purpose. I see that when I preview this, the smiley comes out as a smiley face. I just want to state for those reading the post, the smiley is not a smiley face on CryptoPaste, but just your ordinary smiley made with characters.

I do think you guys are doing a great job. I am no developer or coder, but I know there is a lot hours spent to create this.
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Re: User opinion about CryptoPaste

Post by Kage on Sun Mar 31, 2019 7:24 am
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Hi hashes,

Thanks for the feedback! This actually presents a great opportunity for you to learn how to become better with GitHub. For #1, #3, #4, #5 and #6, I would suggest learning how to fork the repository and submit a pull request. I actually didn't write the FAQ. I borrowed the content from CryptoBin after it shut down -- apparently grammatical mistakes and all. :O

For #2, this is an external library called SecurImage, so I don't have too much control over that. You could always open an issue with the maintainer. For #7, that's a good point. I would recommend opening an issue on our GitHub repository to discuss this more.

Looking forward to your pull requests!
~ Kage ~

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Re: User opinion about CryptoPaste

Post by CedricCox on Sun Dec 27, 2020 7:25 pm
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I find it rather useful!
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