should we have a point system?

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should we have a point system?

Post by ghostheadx2 on Thu Mar 17, 2016 3:10 pm
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I think the idea of a point system, the way stack overflow does things, would be nice. New users would start out with ten points. If they dropped below five, they'd be banned. Every time someone gives a spoiler for a mission, spams a web page, etc. they lose a certain number of points. Moderators and Admins would be able to awards points for good questions. That would prevent people from spamming but without a three strike rule, which I personally don't like. I think the problem with the three strike rule is what if someone makes a mistake three times over the course of three years, yet they are a great contributor to the site. They would still be discouraged because they would lose or gain points based on their action. This would allow to collect simple mistakes.

It also would prevent people from being trolls because if someone signs up and immediately loses points, or they decide to start being a troll later, then they'll lose points which will cause them to be banned much more quickly.

Does anyone disagree with this?

You could also provide points for completing missions, and even more for completing them without help. You could also give privileges to people who get above a certain number of points.

This is just my idea. Maybe everyone will think I'm asking for too much.
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Re: should we have a point system?

Post by Monica on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:00 am
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hi that is the best and most realistic idea ever compared to htsv3

i am bes friends with hts mods and adminz, i brought it up and they say:

Ninjex - "10/10, great idea because now I have more time to jerk off to interracial midget porn instead of using the time to help "hackers" with Basic 1"

Limdis - "Superb idea, now I can use up all of my free time to get promoted to the 2nd worst rank in Rocket League!"

Kage - "Finally I can rm -rf."

weekend - "...."

MShred - "What Ninjex and Limdis says. I'm just here because my name is red."
hi am new so plz dont troll me or i report 2 the HTS mods ty
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Re: should we have a point system?

Post by tremor77 on Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:22 pm
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A little bit of trollery is what makes HTS special, plus I think a point system that leads to direct bans could be abused, remember there are some actual hackers here.. consider registering enough users to downvote someone they don't like or agree with to get them banned. Plus it's a bit kitchy, right up there with emoticons :roll: and cheesy animated signatures. On top of that you will have some people who are just try hards and want to have a great point total - which might not be terrible you could get some decently designed questions and comments out of it, but just like stack overflow you still got a lot of useless fluff, seriously how many times is someone going to ask and get the same answer in 50 replies for how to get one div to float left and another to float right?

So I'm not sure what the value is in it, how about adding a "like" button? :evil:
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