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Cory Doctorow - Free ebooks

Post by weekend hacker on Sat Dec 08, 2012 6:48 pm
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I've been reading more and more of Cory Doctorows books lately and thought I'd share this with you all.
The first book I've read of him was Someone comes to town, someone leaves town which is a strangely written fiction to say the least. His mixing of real technology with very unreal fiction is very interesting(not to mention the main characters name changing ever sentence). But I never really thought more about it until he gave an interview on wired last month.
He's been moving from silly strange fiction to things that are more familiar to all of us. These so called young-adult novels have fictional stories about topics we hold dear, privacy, piracy, gaming, etc.
And best of all, the ebooks are all free! (released under creative commons licence)
You can find them on his site: (look for tiny 'download for free' links at the top menu and pick a format)

So far since my renewed interest I've read For The Win (about gaming and their economics etc) figuring it'd be the one I'd least appreciate but it turned out to be a very compelling read. And made me giggle about germany's currrent gold worries.
Just started on little brother expecting a repeat of 1984 and being very pleasantly surprised on the modern twist(so far at least). After that I'll probably go for pirate cinema his latest novel.

Any one else like or have read his books? And if not, check them out! Like I said before they're totally free and have on occasions been known to inspire a little hacking spree... (user discretion is advised, HTS or Cory Doctorow do not condone illegal activities, books may contain both good and bad examples of fun activities, may lead to increased night reading, do not read and drive, do not operate heavy machinery after spending all night reading.)
And those that didn't like them, tell us why! Not that I'm starting a book club or anything but I'm curious about peoples opinions.

-- Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:52 am --

6:50AM: accidentally finished the book.. going to bed now
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Re: Cory Doctorow - Free ebooks

Post by sam_bwut on Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:51 pm
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Cory Doctorows old office used to above the london hackerspace before we moveds to a (much) bigger building - he's pretty chill guy and I've bought pretty all his books cause thats how I role.

Down and out in the magic kingdom is probably my favorite book of his, made more so by the currency he invented for it (something like woofy) ended up getting mentioned in some academic papers about post-scarcity economics...

He spokes at defcon aswell:

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