Where to go from here?

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Where to go from here?

Post by TOPLESS_VOID21 on Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:53 am
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I'm not trying to hack anyone's Facebook or Twitter, I feel like that would be a waste of literally everyone's time. I only seek a little bit of guidance. I've spent the past few months doing my research, learning new languages(I know HTML and a little CSS. I tried to go straight to SQL after that and found out the hard way that I was not read for it so i'm currently learning Python) and basically just getting a grasp on what all can be done with just the little bit of knowledge that I have obtained. I mainly want to be able to write my own programs but I know thats a long ways away so I have been using other programs just to get more familiar with it all. I think I'm a script kiddie and at first it really bothered me but I have to start somewhere. So if there is anyone out there who could just point me in the right direction or a few hints maybe, I would really appreciate it.
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Re: Where to go from here?

Post by tremor77 on Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:13 pm
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The first step toward recovery is admitting to yourself that you are a script kiddie! Good job, now you can begin your training in earnest.

I'd say start by trying the hacking challenges right here on HackThisSite. There are some great beginner challenges that will ease you into your learning curve and give you insight on where to start learning next. Python is a good language to start, but you might also want to consider learning a good deal of Javascript for web stuff. Also, BASH.. learn your way around the linux shell and get off windows or mac if you haven't already. If you are on windows/mac - get yourself virtualbox and learn how to use a linux VM.

That's a good start, come back to me when you've finished all the HTS basic missions.
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