Hacker troubles.

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Hacker troubles.

Post by 133794m3r on Sun Apr 20, 2008 2:49 pm
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Yeah is there a tracer that I can get that will allow me to trace someone on myspace from their message that they sent it should be free. And I don't want to sign up for it. Thanks for the future help. And I just want something to show the police because they've said many times that they won't do anything unless I can show them concrete evidence. And since they hack into my friends myspace/YIM accounts and use them I can't show them concrete evidence. I'd just like someway to prove that this person is the one who's doing it. I just want some sorta concrete evidence to show the police so that I can get this thing overwith. It's been going on for almost 6 months now, and I've contacted the police many times and they keep giving me the same response. Any help will be great.
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Re: Hacker troubles.

Post by 3nIGhost on Tue Apr 22, 2008 6:30 am
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well first of all anything thats been hackd or being hacked nd its not really your problem going to the police aint cool .. shit thats snitching nd i wouldnt help you if i knew how to do it or sumtin you probably try to lock me up too ... so i doubt anyone is gonna help you put sumone in jail for that ... its stupid nd anyways its good just send a message to tom mean a comment nd he'll prolly hear you out cuz some1 found a way to get into ppl'z myspaces ... i think he'll b interested but i wouldnt post stuff like that on here 1st its just my friends myspace make another one nd its not your problem your page didint get hacked so be gratefull ... 3rd DONT SNITCH >>> ITS BADD :idea:
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Re: Hacker troubles.

Post by Paddington_Bear on Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:02 pm
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I recently read about a hole in myspace's video functionality that records everyone that visits a page. Don't know if it's been patched or not or how well it would apply to your situation. I also don't know the specifics, and you would probably have to know a thing or two about actual hacking to exploit it (considering you're asking for a premade program I doubt thats the case).
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Re: Hacker troubles.

Post by Leafman on Tue Apr 22, 2008 5:35 pm
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I would think that the most easy way would be the most probable?
So your friend might have a keylogger, or somebody (he might know) guessed his secret question and used it to change his password.
So I would start with changing that if he can and checking for possible malware on his pc.
*I will presume you use Windows*

Now for tracing you would have to try and see if he'll send you an email, when he does that you can take apart the email header and find his ip there(google email headers if he does mail you and figure out how to do it lol) Or get some sort of a connection with his computer, like ICQ chat would show his ip when you type "netstat -n" in command prompt (Like type it before talking to him, then do it while talking, the ip that got added will be his) or on msn for example, but this would only work if he'd be foolish enough to send you a file (or accept one from you) when sending a file, a connection between your pc and his will be opened :).

Anyway once you did that use a tracing program to see where his ip is located (not 100% accurately of course).
But I don't know any right now for Windows and it's bout time for me to sleep so gl lol.
Don't think the cops would do much about it, try to just recover your friends account(s). Maybe scare off the guy/skiddie that took over his account(s)? :)

Btw @3nIGhost No offense but taking over somebody's myspace is in my opinion not hacking, but more of a pathetic cry for attention lol?

(Btw YIM?)
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