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Fake Charity

Post by sd1cko on Tue May 28, 2013 4:23 pm
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Hi Guys and Girls

I'm not too sure I'm posting this in the right section? I used to be a member on this site a fair few years ago, and I did rank through most of the missions at the time. I have since forgotten my username (or it expired through lack of activity), so had to create a new one.

Anyway, my problem is as follows, but this was the first place I thought to come for some "help" ;)

Roughly a year ago I was approached by what appeared to be a very reputable children's charity that wanted to help promote my new business (computer repairs and web design etc) in return for £130. I thought this seemed a win win situation for all involved, so I went for it. I did a tiny bit of research and it all seemed legit, they dropped names such as Sir Michael Cain that helped to open the charity, and this all looked legit at the time. Anyway, a few months passed and it came time to pay them (in return for appearing in a publication in a pre picked area). To cut a really long story short, I noticed a few fishy things along with publication errors and after numerous phone calls I actually refused to pay as everything was still wrong! (it's a good job I'm a fussy bugger :D )
A few more months passed and I was emailed by someone that had had a similar experience, except he parted with his money, and got my details out of the "mock" publication even though he was at the other end of the country (so much for chosen areas!!) The publication had indeed turned out to be just that, a mock, and no intention whatsoever to publish, and this chappy who mailed me was gathering witnesses to take legal action.
More moths have since passed and this rogue charity is still operating in partnership with their printing firm (a corporate partner of theirs) to swindle yet more money from kind hearted folk in the guise of a children's charity.

This brings me to my aim of this post! :twisted:

I want to bring down their website, and also stop their emails etc if at all possible. Ideally I would like to put a big notice on their site stating what they are up to.

The two entities involved are *removed* and their corporate partner *removed*

These schmucks and others like them need bringing down to earth, so any help that can be offered would be much appreciated. Simply do a google search on these idiots and there are more and more articles becoming apparent about what they have been and are up to! :evil:
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