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Re: Communism

Post by kimmytoast on Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:40 am
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communism doesnt work.
The following concepts led to:
"Each according to his ability": "They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work." If you outperform me you dont get "paid" more or better rations like in a meritocracy, where those who are smarter, take the time to learn a trade or skill like penetration testing or application security can get jobs from using their free time due to their drive. Nope. You get literally more work than me and a promise of a bullet or a work camp if you cannot maintain your new found quota!

"Everyone is equal in a classless society." : "We need more marriages and traditional values to counter the harmful effects of abortion and the collapsing birthrate." Guess what happens when men are naturally stronger than women, so they work more in essential services (gotta have sanitation, clean water, electricity, food, transportation for resources and other workers). In every society women avoided those jobs and continue to do so. Not right not wrong just the way it is. Women usually marry and have children with men who make more money than they, which is why the west is currently at an all time low for its birthrate and marriage. Russia never recovered once it ushered in easy divorce and abortions. Without replacement birthrate that trains a skilled/educated tax base, who pays for the glorious socialist dream? Who pays for welfare to take care of single mothers and children? Who fights the wars?

"In the future all countries will experience the glorious communist revolution." : "The communist revolution is a pipedream sold to the proletariat to induce slavery." EVERY country that has been communist has adopted capitalist economic structures, even those that are relatively self reliant in respect to local economies and economies of scale (*cough* north korea). Look at south america, russia and south africa: communism plus capitalist economies *without* capitalist policies equals poverty. Where there's monopolies enforced through the state, they sell the water off to foreign countries which deprives their citizens like in venezuela. Or bully smaller countries into exclusively selling oil to them like russia. Or have reached a critical mass of the population on social benefits/welfare, to the point that its grossly unsustainable and unfundable because so few people make enough money to pay taxes that pay FOR welfare like in south africa.

"Everyone will get along, the lion will lay with the lamb and there will be peace." : Name ONE communist country, past or present, that had lower crime than the *current* US/UK per capita.

The only minor caveat to this is Cuba *solely* in regards to the birth rate, but it has such a strong religious backing (communism, especially as espoused by Marx, is anti-religion) that abortion and divorce are still points of contention and shame in latin america.
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Re: Communism

Post by BasedLizardTitties on Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:30 pm
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Hm, well if we attribute socialism as simply a stepping stone to communism, then I might have a few cents to toss in.

Heavy socialism doesn't work, at least not cleanly. The hard working worked because it was their nature, and the majority fed off that labor and got by through the bare minimum, and sometimes less when it could be done. Things got done, yes, but often only because it was necessary for the individual to take care of his own affairs anyways or because groups were forced to do so, often with threats of additional duties, restricted freedoms and occasionally veiled threats of violence.

The free things we got were often well below par. Cinderblock housing, with four men to an apartment only big enough for one. Lousy food, questionable and sometimes nil medical care (which continued even after we were no longer in the system, with the care that some were promised), long work days that often included being treated simply as free labor because we all got paid the same, no matter how hard you did or didn't work.

The only meritocracy was designed for a narrow field of performance, and didn't lend itself to the capable being put in charge, but rather those who simply jumped through the necessary hoops and could match the poster child closely enough.

All in all, it was lousy and only really worked because we were voluntarily bound to obey without question. It does not lend itself to progress, for we outsourced research and development heavily, it did not lend itself to individual freedom or rights and performed better and better the less of those that were given. It was an institution that, although we miss our brothers, we don't have any fond feelings for the system itself and are glad to be free.

I can only imagine that full-blown state communism is worse.
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Re: Communism

Post by zen3001 on Sat Dec 16, 2017 3:03 pm
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it could work with very small places with very local politics so everyone somehow knows the rulers personaly
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