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News Media Brainwash America..and the world.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:29 pm
by sidebottom
DISCLAIMER: Although I disagree with almost all of President Elect Barack Obama's proposed policies, this post is not about that. It is about how the American NEWS MEDIA are manipulating and brainwashing people and electing our officials. So please, keep all comments more towards the NEWS COVERAGE of the election and campaigns and not of why you supported/voted for a particular candidate.

If you or someone you know supported/voted for President Elect Barack Obama during this last election...ask yourself why?

Besides "hope" and "change," what did he have to offer that anyone else in the country couldn't have offered?

The following link discusses the results of a poll by a MAJOR national poll conductor, John Zogby.

These results show less about the intelligence or point-of-views of the people and tell more about the NEWS COVERAGE that they were exposed to. While I encourage everyone to do their own research on topics of politics, many people don't have the time and just rely on the average news media. The results are shown in that poll and are frightening.

What do people really know about President Elect Obama? Why was he deemed presidential while Gov. Sarah Palin was vilified as being grossly inexperienced? Gov. Palin had MUCH more executive experience than Pres. Elect Obama did and they both had about the same time in a position of elected power, so why was she presented as inexperienced while he wasn't? President Elect Barack Obama was sworn in to the US Senate on January 4, 2005 and began his campaign for president in February of 2007. During the last two of his meager three years in the US Senate, Barack Obama only performed about 40% of his duties as a Senator due to his campaigns. So, again, what was it that really qualified him and what experience did he really have?

Why weren't ANY of his legitimate scandals reason enough to disqualify him for running while just ONE would preclude almost everyone else from even coming close to the White House? Why was Gov. Palin's pregnant daughter more of an issue than Barack Obama's ties to criminal slum lord Tony Rezko or the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers?

Would any of you vote for or support someone who went to a KKK rally even once? I sure as hell know I wouldn't, yet millions supported Barack Obama who sat in a Church that taught views as radical as the KKK's for twenty years listening to hate speech and such claims that "the [American government] lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color," ( a view which he continues to support ). The church leader who is spouting such hate is a man that Pres. Elect Obama considered like an uncle to him.

The following two links show how different News organizations covered the election. Why are ANY news organizations presenting unbalanced views of a political campaign rather than the straight facts?

This issue is NOT about REPUBLICAN vs. DEMOCRAT, it is about the media controlling who we vote for and more importantly how we think. Think about the issues and ask yourself did ANY of the four candidates live up to your standards for leader of the most powerful nation ever? Do you feel any of them had the morals and judgment to be leaders of the free world?

So I ask you, America: Who elected the President of the United States this year and who will elect the President four years from now?

Folks, don't let your freedoms be taken away slowly. Don't blindly believe what your friends, family, TV or teachers tell you. "Trust but verify." Stay informed and get involved.

Re: News Media Brainwash America..and the world.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:39 pm
by dismantle
Well...I seriously think that everyone voted for obama, because of whats happened with bush and the war. Every person that i spoke to before the election was voting for Obama. I would ask them why? They would say because hes better then Mccain. The truth is no one even looked into the facts about either of the two. A lot of people didn't even care about his background, Just the fact that he was a democrat was good enough...:( Which is really messed up I'm totally against everything he claims hes gonna do. If he really thinks he can take away peoples guns and so on so fourth i see a big disaster coming. But that's what the TV is for so the government & media can condition people on everything. (THE SHEEPLE)

The way everything's going we may not need to elect anyone president in 4 years..haha... ;)

Re: News Media Brainwash America..and the world.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:54 pm
by TheMindRapist
@ sidebottom
And you are surprised by this?

Re: News Media Brainwash America..and the world.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:38 am
by sidebottom
TheMindRapist wrote:@ sidebottom
And you are surprised by this?

Frankly, no.

After noticing that much of the community of HTS seems to be young (late middle-school to early high-school), I felt it was necessary to say my part and hopefully open some eyes.

Our freedoms need to be protected. It is important that every person constantly asks questions and comes to their own conclusions, especially our impressionable youth.

Re: News Media Brainwash America..and the world.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:32 am
by dismantle
@sidebottom Dude I see what ya mean wanting them to know about all this. But i have noticed the more you push people to believe stuff the less they listen. ;)

Re: News Media Brainwash America..and the world.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:03 am
by rfizzle
Well its actually simple... The Media wants a president they can have the most news on. So they are bi est for Obama Because of one reason - Which sound more interesting, A old man dieing of a heart attack or an African being shot by a raciest white person. This is all the media is thinking about or cares about. The media is filthy creatures living off of ruining reputations and have no morals. You people better open your eyes... The media is corrupt. I mean look at all of these scandals about Milley Cyrus, and all the other movie stars they try to come up with. The Media ruins peoples live for a paycheck. That should be invasion of privacy but the Constitution protects them so there is nothing we can do to stop them. And the American people have aggravated their attitude by BELIEVING THEM. Its not just America but allot of other countries as well. Of course some, if not most, of the media in other countries is run by the government so cant believe that either.... You actually have to research stuff to find out what is true that they tell you (Which isn't a lot.). For example - Global Warming is a pathetic attempt for money. I bet the media doesn't tell you that 90% of the O2 in the atmosphere is contributed by Trees. Global Warming and Global Cooling is a cycle like the water cycle. Human only contribute 2%. So in order for us to stop Global warming, we would have to cut down all the trees. (Research it if you do not believe me) They take that money and give it to other countries so that they can pay off there debt and Socialism is increasing everyday and if we are not careful then We will be snack dab right in the middle of a One World Government and if you do not do what your are told them will stick you in little toy boxes. All the real problems need to be broadcasting more in stead of all of the LIES of the Media.

The war... How can I explain this??? All of you stupid people who think BUSH started the war is not exactly true. Bush did not start the war. Everyone always blames the president when he actually has NO real power. Its all the Congress. They voted for the war. Maybe they did it just so that everyone would hate republicans and so they could get a democrat in there that they could control... Ever though about that? I mean everyone is so mad at the Bush administration when he couldn't have gone to ware without the congress thinking it was a good idea (or bad if what I just explained as my hypothesis is correct) and so if you would like to blame someone blame the congress who let bush start the war, blame the congress who wanted the war to fail, which Iraq is a lot better place then it was before. The people are happier, they are trying to pull together. Of course If I was bush I would have just sent in a lot more troops and wiped out the bad guys instead of sending a small amount of troops and then continues (Of course maybe the congress wouldn't let him). Now I'm not a total "Go Bush" I just believe that everyone has started to lose sight of the truth. I'm in high school and I know a lot more about stuff than most of my elders (certain thing not everything). I can see politics for what it really is. George Washington, our greatest president and first, stated that political parties would be the downfall of our nation. It would divide the people, as it has today, and warned us not to adopt political parties. -
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Wow what a mouth full. I hope you learned something about the media and the government. Of course most of you are smart so some of you ought to have known this and have seen the truth. Good thing I have a good World Geography teacher. Opened my eyes to some things which made me look into other things. I am neither Liberal or Conservative, but in the matter of what is going on. I believe that the crisis started when the government start changing things that should have been left alone, its our government's fault.

Re: News Media Brainwash America..and the world.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:25 pm
by bradd512
Just for a small note to everyone, the american government does control the media. If they didn't then you would see more media groups focused around concrete facts (of course no group would be 100% non bias, but certainly can be more truthful). And yes, I agree with the original post. The media CONTROLS how people think and who they are going to vote in office.

As for the media, I believe that something deeper than just people trying to get stories are doing this. I think that some entity is controlling it as a whole behind the scenes, from either inside this country(USA) or some external party.

its our government's fault

I do not believe it's the government's fault. I believe change starts with one person and it is everyone's fault for letting the government control their lives.

And for "our freedoms" or "liberties", they are already gone. And have been gone for a long time. We are just being (again) being led to believe we are free. The government has the power to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, to whoever it wants.

The only people to blame are ourselves.

P.S. Call me paranoid or a conspiracy theorist, but just because my ideas are different doesn't mean I should be out casted.

Re: News Media Brainwash America..and the world.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:38 pm
by The_Computer_Wizard
while i agree with you on some points
like why was barack obamas "criminal" ties not a bigger deal, while palins daughter was

i dont think the government controls the media as much as people think
i mean look at bush, you cant tell me that if he controlled the media half the things stated about him would not have shown up in the media

While im sure there is government influence, i mean lets be fair, there is corruption everywhere. the big picture with media is the power of the almighty dollar
If they think people will watch it they will air it,
to give an example:
Rupert Murdoch (the media giant who owns the london times, NY Post, i think NY times, the Sun, 20th Century Fox, as well as thousands of other businesses i cant remember right now) Had published stories about someone finding Hitlers diaries when he knew they werent real. He even stated (and im not going to quote because i cant remember the EXACT words but i remember the gyst) It didnt matter that it wasnt real, people bought it, and the fact that it wasnt real ment i didnt have to pay for it

The National Enquirer is another proof of this, while most people with brains know that the stories arent true, the paper doesnt care, they are still selling papers (if they werent they wouldnt be in business)

When the news does not report on something going on, like say a conflict in a foreign place, its not because they dont know about it, or the government is telling them not to, it usually boils down to the sad fact most of us americans are ignorant and generally dont care. If a story comes on about a country we have never heard of before comes on, most would just change the channel (now im not saying thats what anyone even in this forum would do, im just saying the average american)

now getting back on topic with obama, i think it would be stupid to say that the news has little influence over elections. It has been noted many times throughout history that media has affected elections
but lets look at the last two shall we?
The Senate: Majority Republican
The House: Majority Republican
President: Bush (Republican)
The news supported largly John Kerry (Democrat) saying it was time for change
how did that election work out again?

The Senate: Majority Democrat
The House: Majority Democrat
President:Bush (Republican)
The news largly supported Obama (Democrat) again saying it was time for change...

Now you can try and blame it on the news, but im going to go with the majority of the country was still voting republican, but after bush's re-election and the larger dissatisfaction with him, started to change people to voting democrat. Thus the shift in the house and senate. Then big surprise the majority of the country still voted democrat this election

so while theirs bias (look at fox news) and im sure corruption
i think its incorrect trying to say that obama won because the government was controlling the media

Re: News Media Brainwash America..and the world.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 3:03 pm
by bradd512
The government really does have THAT much control over the media. Why do you think certain things cannot appear on national TV? People can't even say certain words without getting harassed. If government WASN'T controlling the media, then the media would be able to show whatever it wants. Now, I'm not saying that the president has that much control over the media, but certain bodies that are part of government do have more control then you think. Why does the media only cover two sides of the argument when there are over 10 different political parties? Why are certain political entities suppressed? Why was so much of the info on 911 not covered? Why was so much of the info on 911 the media gave us bullsh*t?

If you think government does not have that much control over the media, you really need to open your eyes.

Re: News Media Brainwash America..and the world.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 4:44 pm
by The_Computer_Wizard
You know what, i started out by typing paragraphs about things i was going to say to defend my point of view but whats the point?
95% of the time people who buy into these conspiracy theories and things won't change their mind, no matter how many times the facts are presented to them
i would however like to clarify one thing

what i was talking about was what the news presents, like favoring barack obama instead of mccain
i feel this is mostly done by a desire to generate more money, and they try to play into what they feel people will watch

now as far as what bradd512 said, i veiw that as censorship (which is not what i believe this post to be about)
see if something was censored, it wouldnt have aired at all (like lets say palins pregnant daughter was censored, we wouldnt have known, or at least never have been on tv)
these things were on tv but got little coverage. I believe the government has much more control on sensoring
also, companies try and use the fcc to scew with their competitors to get more people watching their stuff (NBC did this to FOX)
its a lot about politics

but let me ask you this, do you think we should go around shouting where every nuke we have is? the blueprints to the building it is in? how many guards there are and where they would be standing? make the software the station is running opensource? (now im not asking if you think we should have nukes, god knows i believe them to be horrific, but lets just go with the fact we have them for this part)
if you answered no to even one of those you understand why we have classified information
now i agree large amounts of information shouldnt be classified, but thats what the freedom of information act was about
it even exposed things that the government covered up (like the historic example of the sinking of the lucitania pre WWI)

also with the continued development of the internet its almost impossible to keep anything censored anymore

and lastly, im just tired of trying to defend my own points of views on this site
ive been told "you need to open your eyes" or "do some research" or "you're an idiot"
when (with at least most of the people ive delt with, and im not counting the starter of this post because he obviously didnt say anything like this to me) i seem to be the only one with specifics, and have done lots of research, not to mention first hand knowledge
for example, i find a lot of these 9/11 theories to stem from the midwest/west, you know where people werent there/didnt know someone there
let me tell you, being from ny, both my parents being cops (my father who worked for Officers of Emergency Managment which was the 7 building that also fell, that most of you guys probably have no clue what im talking about) and knowing many people who saw it firsthand, as well as seeing the wreckage myself (well past the police baracade) i can say a good amount of them are bullshit
not to mention that the rest that arent complete garbage dont seem to hold up all that well when you do you're own research and find out some of their data is inaccurate

so i wash my hands of all political discussions on this site, i will not post, nor will i read future posts dealing with it

good day