A change in government for the better

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A change in government for the better

Post by nosidius on Tue Sep 02, 2008 8:51 pm
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i understand that this is a small site, we're international, and yada yada yada

i for one think that the internet especially should be handled separately from regular government >.>, as it is no 2 governments agree and so crackers can get away with things too easily............ i would like to see a change in government

The idea is that the internet, is it's own country after a fashion
there are different pieces to the internet, public, private, commercial, organizational, networks and so on

and ultimately it should be up to a separate government, we cannot be judged by our peers (in America) as so few are our peers, and those few usually don't step up (obvious reasons) and so we are prosecuted (like jews in the holocaust, okay, not quite that bad, but other people view us as mini-hitlers)

the international pieces of the web would be a specific WWW(1)
continental would be WWW(2)
country would be WWW (3)
and so on

The separate government can dish out the punishment, they know whats going on (for real), and so can truly decide justly

this would also make crackers more easily prosecuted, and punished (fairly in some cases)
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