Brute Force Account Logins

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Brute Force Account Logins

Post by littlefrog on Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:40 am
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Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone knows of any good brute force attacks for account logins.

We're supposed to test if the website can withstand the DoS attack via account logins. The PURPOSE of this is not to obtain the password. We know the usernames are made up of up to 7digits. For each username, after 5 unsuccessful attempts to login (with wrong password), that user account will be disabled (till he calls the service center). What we are trying to attempt is to get as many user accounts to be locked out such that a DoS will occur. This will then indicate whether the website has proper web security implemented.

I understand there are tools such as brutus, crowbar and burpsuite. But not sure if these tools can indeed perform such brute force account attacks. What I have read up so far is that these tools brute force to look for the passwords. But we do not want a successful logins.

Could anyone kindly advice? Thanks!
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Re: Brute Force Account Logins

Post by leonidas_heaven on Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:52 am
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i feel good when some one talks about brute Forcing i love it very much ..
you seems to know pretty much about brute forcing .
so have a look at this website here you can find many brute forcing tools to play around but be aware there could be some malwares or TH.Don't forget to use proxies otherwise you will be screwed..

there are tools which could tell u the password and its up to you whether you want to login or not ....
u can also find the perfect tool u need
have fun happy Brute forcing.. you can also join me at your friends list if you want,feel free to post comment and PM me.

Also have a look at my post Naming "Virus with artificial Intelligence" in Malware section.
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Re: Brute Force Account Logins

Post by koyo_tfw on Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:52 pm
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man you blog is empty, and i could not find any link to download brutus or crowbar or any other working tools... i download brutus many times but its achieve is not opening... plz help me out..
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