Legality questions from a newbie

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Legality questions from a newbie

Post by Womiom on Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:56 pm
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Yo I'm new to this world of computers and hacking, and I want to know how to be safe as a hacker.
How can I tell which activities are legal and which aren't? I want to know what to stay away from.
Is hacking a website legal? Is any hacking legal? If so, what is?
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Re: Legality questions from a newbie

Post by tremor77 on Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:29 am
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Legal hacking is usually more aptly referred to as "Penetration Testing", and you can do it legally and safely with permission from the target. Example, Company X says, hey we want to see if our website is setup securely, can you try and hack it? So you try, and.. now here is the important part, if you are successful you don't do anything truly malicious, rather you record your work and present your findings back to Company X.

I'm not a lawyer so don't consider this valid legal advice, but any hacking done without explicit permission, should be considered illegal.

Other legal hacking can be done by doing hacking challenges like the ones here on HTS, or through competitions like CTF's sponsored by companies and universities.
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