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Post by Samdamahn on Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:31 pm
([msg=95543]see HACKED TO DEATH[/msg])

Hi, I have been phished, rooted, malware, virus, kernel, trojan horsed and it seems impossible to actually get it out of it. Police do not care, ISP does not care, no security company cares I know its absoutly illegal to gain unauthorized access to a computer, as well as to steal files which I have found a file of mine that ended up on youtube and it was taken from my pc. I have had my traffic rerouted, spam'd, ddos'd, nothing seems to work I used nuke and boot "DOD" "Gugman" wipe to erase the hdd and kernel but to no avail. Even a new OS does not work, also my phone was destroyed and I had to get a new one now its SMS texting is phished and so is the internet and I have yet to connect it to a wifi spot. I have had so much damage done to three computers, two tablets, four phones, emails hacked as well, active eavesdropping, not to mention I now have what sounds like a ham radio in my head.

If anyone has the ability to actually help with my current situation i'd love / pay you for anything that needs to be done but even our local computer guy couldn't do anything to fix it. If you would like to remote in and fuck it up even more just ask before doing so.

Thanks, Sam Adams of NC
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Post by xPkt on Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:04 am
([msg=95544]see Re: HACKED TO DEATH[/msg])

Jesus, what website did you go on to get all that?

Only thing I can think of is changing both your ISP and your PC at the same time.

There's probably a bunch of expert hackers that'll be able to reverse it quickly, but I'm afraid I'm not one of them.
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