trapping for predators in CT

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trapping for predators in CT

Post by topdawgie on Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:36 pm
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Far off topic from computers,but I was just watching the local news today and walked away very annoyed! I am very big into hunting and would like to hear what some of you guys + girls have to say about what CT is trying to do about putting an end to certain types of traps.
First off,in order to trap in CT (state land or private land) you need to go through a safety course to become familiar with the rules/laws and season times to trap/hunt.This is also the case with rifle hunting,bow hunting, & black powder hunting.Therefore,MOST hunters/trappers are out in the woods doing the the right thing.I say most because you do read about some idiots in the paper.For instance,how some kid shot a bear with a .22 cal. pistol because he thought it would be funny and ended up getting eaten because all he did was piss off the bear!
CT is trying to eliminate a particular type of trap (the leg hold trap) in order to "protect" animals the trap was not intended for.
In this case an owl somehow found it's way to a leg hold trap and got stuck in it.The owl lost it's leg. Obviously the trap was intended for a rabbit,coyote,fox,beaver,fisher cat or what have you to be snared,not an owl. But we also do not live in a perfect world. some owl's are retarted and want to see what it is like to be a coyote walking through a trap.(Just kidding)I am guessing the the owl was trying to prey on something that was already in the trap,and somehow got itself stuck.Shit happens!
CT DEP (Department of Environmental Protection)is also against changing the laws.
Eliminating this trap would mean coyotes and foxes would become out of control and begin to destroy livestock on farmland,and or attack home pets(dogs and cats) or even people.Beavers will dam up streams and create floods in urban neighborhoods.That's just a few things that would/could happen.
I think it is obvious to say where I stand on this topic. What is your opinion?
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Re: trapping for predators in CT

Post by Y2KRaveN on Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:11 pm
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Well, I used to live in CT a while back, seems like they just don't want to get into controversy over "Animal Abuse Laws" and all that other stuff caused by accidental traps. I really don't see the point of it all. I mean, how much safer can you get, they made all of these regulations about hunting and where/when you can set these traps, and now they want to completely take away the traps? What's next, take away the hunting rifle? :roll:
One state's regulation change isn't going to make a difference, and CT is already wildly inhabited by wild animals (and they wonder why bears end up in their backyards).
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