*URGENT*Can you guys help me decrypt this string

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*URGENT*Can you guys help me decrypt this string

Post by nightmare2303 on Wed Dec 02, 2020 3:33 pm
([msg=108299]see *URGENT*Can you guys help me decrypt this string[/msg])

so in this website for selling goods i came across a guy buying cannabis ,which is somehow legal , but the thing is i saw a product having a picture of a person on the thumbnail. and the texts it was written in was pretty messed up.
can someone help me understand what these guys are talking about ?
it was labled Cake1
heres the text:
sdfdsfsdf sdfsdfsd sdfsdfsd fdsf sdfs fsdf sdf sdf fsdfs dfsdfs fsdfs fsdfs fsf sdfsd fsdfs fsdf sdfs df sfs dsf sdfsdfsdf sdfs dfsdfsf sf sdfs fsf sdf sfds dfsdf fds df sdfsdf sf
btw it looks like the order of this guy is gonna be out of emirates. dont those guys check the packages for cannabis and stuff ?
also this dudes order was until tomorrow 9.40 , i changed it to 11 pm so if anyones willing to help, please be a lil quicker?
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