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School Network

Post by slayertheory on Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:03 am
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Hey, back in the day when I used to be on HTS alot (like 3 years ago) there was a ton of articles about stuff to do with school networks, tips for people wantin to browse freely at school, etc. There doesn't seem to be as many now, but it's probably still an interest for some people. Anyway, I thought someone might want to have a look at how my school network is. It was like this 3 years ago, and it's still like this, except stricter. It's like they expect it to be targeted by some pro hackers whose sole aim is to disrupt a public high school network. Anyway here are some things about it. NONE of the tips offered on this site have ever worked.

- School Internet
We share the same internet proxy server as all the other schools in my state. All the tips for disabling/getting around school proxies were based on proxies installed on the machine itself or on a school server. However, this one was like a blanket proxy on every single computer, running off a seperate machine in my state's capital city or something. Not 1 single trick of the trade worked to get around this proxy. not one.

- Command Prompt
A year or two back, I showed my mate how to send messages over the network through command prompt. As trends do, within the week the entire school was doing it. Eventually I showed him how to send a non-stop repeat message to every computer in the school through a batch file, and he did it. The message read " You have been hacked by <my name> and <his name>" within minutes the I.T guy, who is the mastermind of the strict control over our school network, was at our classroom checking the numbers he had written on every single computer in the school, when he came to mine and my friend's desk he pointed at my friend and said "you?" I had written the batch file and practically hit the enter key with my friend's finger but my friend took the rap and went with the I.T guy to his office. He told me later he was unable to answer any of the questions the guy asked him about it lol. Anyway shortly after that, we were no longer able to send messages, not because he had stopped the message sending itself, but when u entered who you wanted the message to go to it said "the message alias cannot be found." He had like totally disconnected the student's user account's from each other. Don't know how he did, but anyway everything I tried didn't work. Anyway over the holidays he implemented a "Managed Operating Environment v 2.0" which means that now, you cannot right click. but wait go to control panel and change mouse buttons? Nope, control panel, simply, does not exist. There is no C drive. None that I can find anyway. No "Run..." program. I tried the trick of making a batch file that basically is a command prompt:
"@echo off
@echo on"

I open it and it says "Command prompt has been disabled." yet another of the most reliable tricks outsmarted.
So I tried not creating a command prompt but just a batch file to disable the mouse. (Don't know why, this never worked before anyway, he had somehow disabled Rundll32) anyway a message came up saying "You are not authroized to do this. Your account details have been sent to your administrator and your events logged" or something like that.

Also, all computers are run off one server, so change a desktop background, log on next time and it's changed back. Most settings for the computer are disabled anyway. Anyway I managed to find the schoo logon server and I went into it and I found a notepad document that read. DO NOT ADD, EDIT, OR DELETE ANY FILES IN THIS COMPUTER. IT AFFECTS ALL COMPUTER'S IN THE REGION AND YOU RISK HAVING YOUR ACCOUNT SUSPENDED. It seemed a little strange so I tried deleting something and I couldn't anyway. "Access Denied"

Yeah anyway, every single trick ever mentioned to do with school networks has failed on my school network.

Also, out of interest, our admin seems to be able to put admin-only access on any folder or file he wants, how can I do this?
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Re: School Network

Post by Bohama on Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:16 am
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Got no helpful advice for ya im afraid, but yeeesh, thats rather strict...
Ive got it lucky, In college i have access to cmd, proxies work and its letting me explore all files / folders on the PC.
I feel for ya buddy.
Out of interest? It blocking EVERY proxy / anything that contains the word proxy? If so, have you tried the google translations URL trick?
The admin only access seems like you just use the admin account and change the permissions.. So unless you have admin access, your not going to be able to lock it.
Fraid i cant be much more helpful than that, im still fairly new :)
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Re: School Network

Post by nosidius on Sat Sep 13, 2008 12:40 pm
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try going through their i.p. address........... that one way

you can also try (bah da da da dah!), and try saving it as a com file, if your admin is good, and not just following someone else, it should work

there's also hkcmd........
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