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Linken Sphere - antidetect browser of the new generation

Post by gor510 on Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:25 pm
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Greetings, friends!

We are glad to present Linken Sphere - the most secure and friendly browser is an antidetect, working in a multithreaded mode. We are confident that thanks to this product your capabilities will reach a whole new level, and you will not be able to imagine what it was like to be tormented by dozens of virtual machines and their settings.


What is the difference from the existing solutions of antidetects?

Linken Sphere is developed by professional security engineers based on Chromium. We work directly with the source engine, which allows us to completely get rid of the spyware code Google, which is not available for boxed solutions. We do not just integrate extensions into the finished browser - we change the source code ourselves to get the desired result, which allows us to get maximum functionality and functionality. In addition, we are engaged in continuous research of AF systems, responding as quickly as possible to any possible changes in their work. The browser is constantly updated and updated to meet the highest expectations of our users.

-Browser works in OTR mode, which makes it the safest
-Browser is deprived of any hidden connectivity of Google services, which can’t be obtained in any boxed solution
-Browser encrypts all stored information in the AES 256 encryption standard
-Browser from the box is equipped with everything necessary for working with network connections: SOCKS, SSH, TOR, TOR + SSH, DYNAMIC SOCKS
-Browser allows you to simultaneously work with different types of connections in a multithreaded mode
-Browser contains a built-in professional anti-detection, which is regularly updated and allows you to use all possible configurations of users, permissions, language, time, geo-position, etc., changing them "on the fly"
-Browser saves prints and cookies for each of the sessions, allowing you to work from one place with hundreds of different personalities without the need for constant switching between virtual machines
-You do not need any system settings at all to start working quickly, anonymously and safely
-Browser contains a locally built-in license database MaxMind, which allows you to configure the time and location of the session in just a few clicks
-Browser contains built-in intelligent tools that allow you to warm up sites in an automatic mode ("heater")

We offer a brief video presentation of the product:

In more detail directly about the possibilities of substitutions and settings:

- Canvas
- Fonts
- Plugins
- Audiofingerprint
- WebGL
- Geolocation
- ClientRects
- Ubercookies
- WebRTC (including hashes of devices)
- CSS (resolution)
- Touch Emulation (allows you to emulate the touch screen without showing the mouse)
- Js Navigator (including time, language and resolution)
- Http Headers
- DNS (the ability to use your own DNS for each session)
- Local IP

The browser has on board 50 000 built-in free samples of real devices and a built-in config generator. Also we can offer for our users an integrated config with private configurations (more than 150,000 constantly updated clips), access to free users (over 13,000).

Users are able to use both real configs to get the most comfortable and quick setup for work, as well as deep manual configuration of a huge number of parameters, including Http headers, plugins / mime types, js navigator, WebGL and others. More details about the options for customization can be found on our website in the "Documentation" section.

The software is presented in the form of installers for Windows (7/8/10 x64), MacOS (not lower than Yosemite), Linux (for a wide range of supported systems you can find on our website), as well as Portable and the cloud version. We do not use binding to the hardware, so you can download and install any number of copies on your machines, but one login and password only work with only one copy of the program.

Tariff plan implies the following licenses:

- Light (1 month browser use) = $ 100
- PRO (6 months of using the browser + access to the config) = 500 $ (month free)
- Premium (12 months of using the browser + access to the configuration + priority service) = $ 900 (three months free of charge)

No other fees are provided, all updates are completely free. We update the product quite often, increasing its capabilities and quality, informing our users about the changes.

We also have special conditions and offers for teams working with a large number of copies.

The browser has been represented for a long time on a variety of profile boards, and we are sure that many have heard about it, and some users are already our customers. We will be grateful for the feedback of the people who work with the product. If you have any questions, suggestions or suggestions, we will be happy to hear them.

Telegram: @GOR510
Skype: linken sphere

-- Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:05 pm --

Hi! Soon we will release a new generation of the browser – 7th. While I would like to introduce you to the latest versions of generation 6.

Linken Sphere Pure v6.6

1. Recently, we have often heard complaints about the sudden shutdown of the program, due to the inability to verify the license. Realizing how unpleasant the problem is, we made efforts to get rid of it as soon as possible. In order to eliminate the problem, we added a load balancer to the tokens, launching several new support servers for this. This is an invisible change, but it will allow the browser to work much more stable, not presenting unnecessary surprises.

We always listen to the ideas and wishes of our users, pursuing the desire to maximize the convenience of work. In order to further improve usability, several important improvements were made to the interface.

- A context menu (left click for control) was added for the session selector in the Setup session window, which contains optional sorts: by name (this is by default), by creation date:

2. - Added control over the use of the proxy - now when the check in the Setup session window will be available information about the use of this IP in the sessions earlier, which will allow you to monitor the connections without unnecessary effort:

3. - The manager of network settings templates has been added, that is, in this manager you can save the most frequent network settings and use them in new sessions so that you do not enter the same one every time. To select a network profile in the setup session provider, you can call this dialog from the context menu of the connection type selector. From the same context menu, you can save the existing network settings to the network profile manager:

4. The manager will be available in the tools menu for editing:

5. - In order to make it easier to return to work after opening the browser, the recently closed tabs is added. Now you can clear this section if you do not plan to use closed sessions later.

In this release, technical changes and fixes were also made to solve certain problems.

- Added support for ipv6 check. Earlier the program did not allow the use of such a connection, now it is possible.

- Fixed bug of substitution of WebRTC for machines using ipv6, as the main IP network.

- Added monitoring of the validity of creating a memory location with the necessary environment variables for the session. In some cases, when, for example, there are a lot of fonts in the system, the cell can’t be created. To prevent leakage, monitoring of this situation was introduced and now such a session can’t be created and the program will inform you about it.

6. We have further improved the quality of the uniqueness of Canvas, having bypassed a number of outstanding checks. You can see these changes on the example of the following checker: ... nTest.html (traversal for both options):

And now the main magic novelty of this release is meet, webEmulator v1.0! Or just a heater.

This development is an innovative function that allows imitating human behavior in the background. The presented version is the initial one, and is currently only available for desktop configurations. This incredible tool will allow you in a multi-threaded mode to create human activity on any desired sites, while simultaneously doing more important things!

All that is required to start it is to open the target site, run the Run webEmulator option from the context menu of the session, select the viewing depth and time spent on the page. After launching the browser itself will explore the site in the background, simulating mouse movements, scrolls and clicking on links - you can show simultaneous activity on various sites using different settings and IP, and after the end of the work you will receive a notification of its execution!

Thus, now the browser not only helps you in solving everyday routine tasks - it works for you!

Updated available for purchase configs in the configuration, loaded 68799 select configurations - a lot of the most recent browsers and devices. Thus, at the moment in the official shop a choice of 160 000 unique configurations is available.

Linken Sphere v6.7 Pure

7. With a long use of a certain version of the browser engine on which the anti-detection system is built, after a certain time, users can note the performance decrease in the work. Updating the engine in high-complexity products is a fairly complex but necessary process.

In version 6.7, we use the latest available Chromium - v61 engine, which has a lot of significant differences from previous versions. This innovation allows us to get a significant positive effect in working with the antidetection, so we highly recommend this update for all users of the product:

8. We've received a lot of requests from you to improve the download module, and made some changes that will allow the browser to be used more conveniently in many areas of activity - now you can pause downloads and resume when necessary:

9. Continuing work on improving the antidetection module, we came to considerable attention to one of the most important elements of protection - Canvas. Previously, we were able to achieve revolutionary substitution, which allows us to pass a manual moderation in case of suspicion of substitution. Now we go further, presenting an even more elaborated mechanism for the work of this solution, fixing the noise effect in detail. This will make it even more reliable to protect you from detecting a substitution, even with a deep examination of the screen shot:

10. In some cases, there is a need to use a particular system font in default mode, now this option is at your service - you can set the necessary system font for the entire application in the general settings:
11. And now another amazing item of fresh renewal. As we promised in the previous release, we plan to consistently improve the capabilities of integrated intelligent solutions, of which, of course, there is certainly a warm-up that you like.

In the new version you can’t just explore the site in an automatic mode - now the programmer is able to visit a whole list of required sites, imitating human behavior! In order to get the necessary cookies and visits it's enough just to specify the necessary list of resources to visit, the time and the depth of the views - the heater will do everything for you, informing you about the end of work! Or will not tell - now you can turn off pop-up notifications. This will allow you to perform even more useful work without wasting time on routine tasks:

12. Short Changelog:

- Chromium engine updated to version 61
- Added the ability to pause / continue for downloads
- Updated the heater: added the ability to specify sites in the form of a list, the ability to disable the notification of execution, the ability to disable popups
- Windows has updated openGL
- Fixed some bugs: duplicates in the url helper, creation time of the session when importing, mediaDevices when cloning the session
- The quality of the canvas was significantly improved, the noise effect in detail was eliminated
- In the general settings, the ability to set the system font for the entire application
- Improved license check, which minimizes random departures when checking a license

Anyone wishing to receive a free one-week test can apply here:

Telegram: @GOR510
Skype: linken sphere

-- Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:40 pm --

Dear friends!

To quickly solve all issues related to the browser, etc., we recommend reading the information on, in the "Documentation and FAQ" sections, and also add to the groups Telegram @spherechateng, @spherechat and subscribe to the channel Telegram @devtnbrs.
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