RC3 CTF event 2017

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RC3 CTF event 2017

Post by NETWORKsecurity on Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:03 pm
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Hello again, my threads still comprise 100% of this section :D

I want to notify you all that from saturday, 18 Nov. 2017, 02:00 UTC to monday, 20 Nov. 2017, 04:59 UTC online capture the flag event "RC3 CTF 2017" will take place.

What is CTF?

You shouldn't find concept of CTF's too strange if you ever solved missions on this site, main difference would be that CTF challenges are time-limited(CTF usually lasts 24-72 hours). Goal is to find "flag"(like password on HackThisSite) which you enter in to site to get points.

CTFTime more detailed explanation:[url][https://ctftime.org/faq//[url]
"Play CTF! A Great Way to Learn Hacking" FSec talk by LiveOverflow:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfjV8XukxO8

[b]How to play?/b]

We mainly converse over IRC so you'll need irc client or use web client like MIbbit. After you connect you should join #ctf channel.
Address: irc.hackthissite.org
ports:use either 6667(no ssl) or 7000(ssl)

HackThisSite irc command reference: https://www.hackthissite.org/pages/irc/reference.php

This specific CTF does limit the team size to 5 members so in case we go over that multiple teams can be created(which won't communicate with each other about it as are the rules).

HackThisSite did already play in RC3 event last year and finished 193th , hopefully this year we'll top that :D

P.S:Happy 100th post to me!
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Re: RC3 CTF event 2017

Post by oasis on Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:10 am
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I would love to participate in a live CTF but I'm just starting out and need a lot more experience! I'll keep going with VulnHub for the time being and will enter a CTF when I'm comfortable with the intermediate challenges on there.

Good Luck.
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