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Re: App13 Bruteforce Guide

PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:42 pm
by d3v11
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#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <cstdio>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
using namespace std;

int main()
string characters[93]; characters[91]="\\\\";
characters[1]="a"; characters[31]="E"; characters[61]="8";
characters[2]="b"; characters[32]="F"; characters[62]="9";
characters[3]="c"; characters[33]="G"; characters[63]="\\!";
characters[4]="d"; characters[34]="H"; characters[64]="\\@";
characters[5]="e"; characters[35]="I"; characters[65]="\\#";
characters[6]="f"; characters[36]="J"; characters[66]="\\$";
characters[7]="g"; characters[37]="K"; characters[67]="\\%";
characters[8]="h"; characters[38]="L"; characters[68]="\\^";
characters[9]="i"; characters[39]="M"; characters[69]="\\&";
characters[10]="j"; characters[40]="N"; characters[70]="\\*";
characters[11]="k"; characters[41]="O"; characters[71]="\\(";
characters[12]="l"; characters[42]="P"; characters[72]="\\)";
characters[13]="m"; characters[43]="Q"; characters[73]="\\-";
characters[14]="n"; characters[44]="R"; characters[74]="\\_";
characters[15]="o"; characters[45]="S"; characters[75]="\\=";
characters[16]="p"; characters[46]="T"; characters[76]="\\+";
characters[17]="q"; characters[47]="U"; characters[77]="\\[";
characters[18]="r"; characters[48]="V"; characters[78]="\\{";
characters[19]="s"; characters[49]="W"; characters[79]="\\]";
characters[20]="t"; characters[50]="X"; characters[80]="\\}";
characters[21]="u"; characters[51]="Y"; characters[81]="\\|";
characters[22]="v"; characters[52]="Z"; characters[82]="\\;";
characters[23]="w"; characters[53]="0"; characters[83]="\\:";
characters[24]="x"; characters[54]="1"; characters[84]="\\'";
characters[25]="y"; characters[55]="2"; characters[85]="\\\"";
characters[26]="z"; characters[56]="3"; characters[86]="\\,";
characters[27]="A"; characters[57]="4"; characters[87]="\\<";
characters[28]="B"; characters[58]="5"; characters[88]="\\.";
characters[29]="C"; characters[59]="6"; characters[89]="\\>";
characters[30]="D"; characters[60]="7"; characters[90]="\\/";

string character[93]; character[91]="\\";
character[1]="a"; character[31]="E"; character[61]="8";
character[2]="b"; character[32]="F"; character[62]="9";
character[3]="c"; character[33]="G"; character[63]="!";
character[4]="d"; character[34]="H"; character[64]="@";
character[5]="e"; character[35]="I"; character[65]="#";
character[6]="f"; character[36]="J"; character[66]="$";
character[7]="g"; character[37]="K"; character[67]="%";
character[8]="h"; character[38]="L"; character[68]="^";
character[9]="i"; character[39]="M"; character[69]="&";
character[10]="j"; character[40]="N"; character[70]="*";
character[11]="k"; character[41]="O"; character[71]="(";
character[12]="l"; character[42]="P"; character[72]=")";
character[13]="m"; character[43]="Q"; character[73]="-";
character[14]="n"; character[44]="R"; character[74]="_";
character[15]="o"; character[45]="S"; character[75]="=";
character[16]="p"; character[46]="T"; character[76]="+";
character[17]="q"; character[47]="U"; character[77]="[";
character[18]="r"; character[48]="V"; character[78]="{";
character[19]="s"; character[49]="W"; character[79]="]";
character[20]="t"; character[50]="X"; character[80]="}";
character[21]="u"; character[51]="Y"; character[81]="|";
character[22]="v"; character[52]="Z"; character[82]=";";
character[23]="w"; character[53]="0"; character[83]=":";
character[24]="x"; character[54]="1"; character[84]="'";
character[25]="y"; character[55]="2"; character[85]="\"";
character[26]="z"; character[56]="3"; character[86]=",";
character[27]="A"; character[57]="4"; character[87]="<";
character[28]="B"; character[58]="5"; character[88]=".";
character[29]="C"; character[59]="6"; character[89]=">";
character[30]="D"; character[60]="7"; character[90]="/";

int A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T;
       A=1; B=1; C=1; D=1; E=1; F=1; G=1; H=1; I=1; J=1;
       K=1; L=1; M=1; N=1; O=1; P=1; Q=1; R=1; S=1; T=1;

string DICT, EXH, FILE;

cout << "Enter the file to crack:" << endl;
cin >> FILE;

DICT = string("./dtr7z -F ") + FILE;

for (A=0; A<92; A++)
    for (B=0; B<92; B++)
        for (C=0; C<92; C++)
            for (D=0; D<92; D++)
                for (E=0; E<92; E++)
                    for (F=0; F<92; F++)
                       for (G=0; G<92; G++)
                           for (H=0; H<92; H++)
                               for (I=0; I<92; I++)
                                   for (J=0; J<92; J++)
                                       for (K=0; K<92; K++)
                                           for (L=0; L<92; L++)
                                               for (M=0; M<92; M++)
                                                   for (N=0; N<92; N++)
                                                       for (O=0; O<92; O++)
                                                           for (P=0; P<92; P++)
                                                               for (Q=0; Q<92; Q++)
                                                                   for (R=0; R<92; R++)
                                                                       for (S=0; S<92; S++)
                                                                           for (T=0; T<92; T++)
EXH = string("./exr7z -F ") + FILE + (" -P ") +
characters[A] + characters[B] + characters[C] + characters[D] + characters[E] +
characters[F] + characters[G] + characters[H] + characters[I] + characters[J] + 
characters[K] + characters[L] + characters[M] + characters[N] + characters[O] +
characters[P] + characters[Q] + characters[R] + characters[S] + characters[T];
cout << "[STATUS:] " <<
        character[A] << character[B] << character[C] << character[D] <<
        character[E] << character[F] << character[G] << character[H] <<
        character[I] << character[J] << character[K] << character[L] <<
        character[M] << character[N] << character[O] << character[P] <<
        character[Q] << character[R] << character[S] << character[T] << endl;

cout << "Sorry, bfr7z couldn't find the password." << endl;


that's part of a bruteforcer I wrote in C++. It works just fine and calls from a dictionary first and afterwards goes into an exhaustive mode if that fails. Perhaps that helps?

Re: App13 Bruteforce Guide

PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:09 pm
by jusb3
Old thread, but I think it should be mentioned that newer os seem to trigger some antidebugging thingy, it takes my win10 >10s everytime to run the app. Tested with xp vm and the runtime was < 1s, so if the app is running long, there is something wrong.