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Post by sadntwisted on Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:59 am
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I am endeavoring to run through the missions using my mobile device operating on the Android OS. So far I have come across many aps that will display html source code, however, rather than displaying code for the page as viewed they reload the url and give me the code as viewed by someone without an account - i.e. 'you must be logged in to view this page'.

Obviously, I could just use my desktop but I was hoping to do this in my spare time on buses, trains, etc and feel it should be within the realms of possibility. And, I could, theoretically, write or amend existing open source browser code to include the functionality to view html source, but that would be time consuming (especially for a 'noob' like me).

I was wondering if anyone knew of a pre-existing application that would allow me to view the code as required.
In the meantime I will continue my search and update as and when (and if) I find any useful information.

With many thanks - sadntwisted

*** update ***

Sorted! I had to save the page as html then view separately. I used SxBrowser available for free on Android market place to save and just the first free html editor in the market place to view. (Please note - this is not an endorsement of SxBrowser, despite using it for less than 5 mins I found it annoying. However, if there is anyone else in the same boat as me it represents a quick fix.)
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