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Gaming Category :: RULES

Post by Monica on Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:31 pm
([msg=40749]see Gaming Category :: RULES[/msg])

Yes, we have a new category right here on HTS forums - Gaming! Got something to discuss about your favorite games? Strategies or techniques? Tournaments? You can definitely discuss here! PLEASE keep all topics legal. Please do NOT request or encourage topics of illegal activity or against the game companies' Terms of Service (TOS.) This includes:

a.) Illegally hacking/cracking or downloading games for full version (i.e. Torrenting)
b.) Any misconduct against the game's TOS (i.e. Using "hacks" to gain advantage)
c.) Trading or selling of gaming accounts (Not allowed if against TOS)
d.) Trading or selling gaming cards/codes (Not allowed if against TOS)

Because this is a hacking community and NOT a gaming community, there is one small exception to b). Although it is completely unacceptable to most gaming communities - if you can actually CODE your own hacks, props to you because it takes time and skill. Feel free to share your techniques.
hi am new so plz dont troll me or i report 2 the HTS mods ty
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