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Why don't we get games like Age of Mythology or Commandos an

PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 10:09 am
by jadugargomes
I remember playing these games while growing up and I loved them so much. Everything about these games, from the voice acting(all the legendary voice calls like "ROSTAGMA VULOME" from Mythology or "I'M COMIN!" "ALARM ALARM" from Commandos), storytelling to the unique gameplay and the most underrated aspect: the heavenly music, in both of these games. Commandos was very difficult and the games(first two at least) were so well made and really kept you trying. And Age of Mythology is what first got me into Greek Mythology. FetLife vshare

Is there a reason, we don't have games like these anymore? I recently played Age of Mythology Extended Edition and while I loved it, a part of me wondered how great it would be to have these games up to the graphics standards of 2019.