Local storage copy/extraction

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Local storage copy/extraction

Post by the_troll_hacker on Sat May 06, 2017 5:53 pm
([msg=93672]see Local storage copy/extraction[/msg])

Nice to be here again :mrgreen:
I have been messing around with browsers dev tools and I have find some interesting uses of the Local storage for hijacking sessions.
In my initial test, i have been using, as I said, the dev tools. Now i am looking for a discrete and faster way for getting those kvp.

Is any way of extract the info using the windows cmd? I know that Chrome save the local storage in a file, one per domain. I supose that if I copy those files into my own browser, I will get the same local storage.

Any help is welcome, I will keep you informed about this little proyect.

PD: Is posible to change my username? I use this when I was younger, but now I feel embarrassed. :oops:
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