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Mentor Offer

Post by GhostFox1337 on Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:56 pm
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Haha, man this site brings back old memories. This was where 12 year old me got started in information security. I see that they're still running PHP...

Anyway, I'm bored and feeling charitable. If anyone wants to hit me up, I'll point you in the right direction for getting the skills you need to be a successful penetration tester. We'll start with the basics of Linux and Bash programming and move on to other programming languages, networking, and the basics of IT.

Then I'll teach you about different attack vectors, why XSS or SQL Injection work. Eventually we'll be writing our own shellcode in ASM and writing custom reverse-shell backdoors, then I'll we'll dive into dealing with ASLR and bypassing antivirus...if you last long enough. I won't go easy on you, I expect my students to develop competency and mastery of these subjects, not just familiarity.

...and yes, we will cover Metasploit. We will be using it to create our own modules.

I'm the head of security at a high frequency trading firm and about to pass the OSCP if that means anything in terms of my credentials.

If you want to get in contact with me, figure out what XMPP is and how to access it with pidgin. You can reach me at I will not be using this forum account again.
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