Drop Dead Baby !

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Drop Dead Baby !

Post by 72 65 74 72 6f on Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:33 am
([msg=93912]see Drop Dead Baby ![/msg])

so here's another page I found on the net.........it's from an berlin based artist who puts USB flash drives into walls for peer-to-peer file sharing.....kinda crazy...kinda cool...


there`s a map showing where he has placed all those drives....I'm definitely gonna check out if the one around my place still exists, but I really doubt I'm gonna stick anything into it....who knows whats on it :shock:

I still have some hard drives lyin' around...maybe I should embed those into walls ?...but what should you put on it ? Except for malware of course :twisted:

No, seriously...what do you think about that? What would you leave behind on it ?

And I'm really curious if they still exist because the site/project is kinda old.....
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