How to get CISCO IOS installed in a VM?

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How to get CISCO IOS installed in a VM?

Post by ghostheadx2 on Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:28 pm
([msg=93939]see How to get CISCO IOS installed in a VM?[/msg])

I bought real hardware equipment and now I'm hoping to get a VM of CISCO IOS.

However, I have the hardware already. I have a CISCO 2960 series switch and I want to use the real hardware. But the problem is I don't have a server rack. I also have a windows server, but if I get CISCO IOS, I want something in the mean time until I can get my switch set up with a rack... unless I don't need one.

What are the problems with using a CISCO switch without a rack?

Also, is it possible to do everything I need with CISCO IOS? Also, is it possible to get CISCO IOS for free for the sake of a virtual machine for free?

If possible, I want to make CISCO IOS into a VM so that I can do my exercises for free and not have to pay loads more money.

Please help me with this.

Also, I want to obey the law. If you can think of a free way that obeys the law (although I don't think there is one), then great. Otherwise, what's the least expensive alternative to getting packet tracer exercises to do everything in the Official CISCO ICND1 Guide.
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