3 CTFS! [poll]

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What ctf should hts do?

Poll ended at Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:22 pm

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Do them all(going to be hard without your help ;))
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3 CTFS! [poll]

Post by NETWORKsecurity on Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:22 pm
([msg=94136]see 3 CTFS! [poll][/msg])

So we got 3 ctfs coming with overlapping duration. Should we focus on just one? Or should we treat them as one big ctf?

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25 Aug - 27 Aug: [HackIT CTF 2017] - https://ctf.com.ua/
25 Aug - 26 Aug: [HackCon 2017] - http://hackcon.in/
26 Aug - 26 Aug: [WhiteHat Challenge 04] - https://wargame.whitehat.vn/

As always to participate join #ctf on irc.hackthissite.org port 7000(ssl) or 6667(not ssl).

Past year events:
https://ctftime.org/event/360 - HackIt 2016, seems like cool format but they had organizational problems last year judging from comments

https://ctftime.org/event/341/ - Hackcon 2016 , seemed to be mostly focused on binary last year, this year they say there will be web and forensics

https://ctftime.org/event/463 - WhiteHat Challenge 03. Writeups make it look like challenges werent too hard. Could be good as entry ctf. It does look like it doesn't add ctftime global points.
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Re: 3 CTFS! [poll]

Post by pretentious on Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:44 am
([msg=94138]see Re: 3 CTFS! [poll][/msg])

I voted all.
So I can cherry pick :P
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